Why Working with a Staffing Agency is More Affordable Than You Think

Why Working with a Staffing Agency is More Affordable Than You Think

Hiring is hard work, not to mention expensive. The good news? There is a way to make the process easier and more affordable: by working with a staffing agency.

The Benefit of Working With Staffing Agencies

When you bring in a staffing partner to help with hiring, they can work more efficiently. This will make time-to-hire faster and prevent the high cost of hiring mistakes. In addition, it can give you access to a temporary, flexible workforce that doesn’t add to your fixed overheads.

To help you decide whether it’s time to partner with a staffing agency, here’s a look at some myths and the benefits.

Common Misconceptions of Working with a Staffing Agency

Many companies think that working with a staffing agency is simply too expensive. Yet, when you work with a staffing agency, you’ll have a partner that can keep you optimally staffed at all times.

You can avoid the time and energy spent on posting jobs, reviewing resumes, and conducting phone screens. Instead, focus on other business priorities.

You can also turn to a staffing agency to handle reference and background checks, as well as skills testing. That way, when you do hire, you know you’ll get the right-fit individual. This means less cost and waste that occurs with hiring mistakes.

Finally, staffing agencies can help you fill various roles. There’s a myth that agencies only fill “temp” roles. Today, that’s not true.

Whether you’re looking for an experienced professional or even an executive in IT, accounting, healthcare, manufacturing or a range of other industries, a staffing agency can help you find the skilled and talented people you need.

How a Staffing Agency Saves You Money

On top of giving you access to better quality candidates, a staffing agency can save you money in many ways, including through:

  • Their network. Recruiters are constantly networking and building a pipeline of candidates for positions ranging from temporary and contract roles to full-time ones. When you connect with a staffing agency, they might even already have an ideal candidate in their pipeline.
  • Their process. Staffing agencies only get paid if you get the right person. They are therefore meticulous about their process, screening, vetting, checking backgrounds, testing skills and more. As a result, you can gain peace of mind and hire talented employees.
  • Their results. When you work with a reputable staffing agency for direct hire positions, they usually offer guarantees, like your money back if the candidate leaves within six months. This reduces the risk and ensures optimal results.

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