Why Swift Hiring Decisions Are Critical in Today’s Competitive Job Market

Why Swift Hiring Decisions Are Critical in Today’s Competitive Job Market

Filling a job opening is hard work. One of the biggest factors is competition. The best workers are in demand and if you don’t move quickly, they’ll accept an offer from another company. Yet, you need time to properly evaluate them. What can you do? Here are some tips for balancing both sides and finding your next great hire.
How to Make Quicker Hiring Decisions

Create a uniform process.
Create criteria that apply to every opening in the company. For instance, you can require every candidate to submit a sample of their work. This way, with universal hiring criteria in place, you’ll be able to better compare candidates and make decisions faster.
Get different perspectives.
To find the right-fit candidate, don’t go alone in an interview. Bring in those from HR, the leadership team, potential co-workers, and other parties that would be helpful in evaluating each candidate. They can offer a unique perspective, ask different questions you might not think of, and ultimately help you make a more confident decision, faster. 
Take notes when you’re interviewing.
During the conversation, jot down notes as you’re talking to each candidate. If a candidate offers an unusual or memorable answer, write it down. If they have a special skill, be sure to note it. Or if a red flag comes up, then make sure you record it. That way, you’re not left scrambling trying to remember.
Ask yourself questions about each candidate. 
When you have a strong candidate, ask yourself a few questions about them, like:
• Does their experience match the requirements?
• Is their personality a good fit for the team?
• Does this potential candidate need less training than others?
This can further help clarify the right-pick candidate for your role.
Don’t skip reference checks.
Speed matters, but that doesn’t mean you should skip this important step. This is a vital way to ensure you’re making a good hiring decision, or on the flip side, avoiding a major mistake. If possible, contact at least three references for the top candidates you’re considering.
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