Talent Attraction in Competitive Markets

Talent Attraction in Competitive Markets

Recruiting talent for in-demand markets is challenging and won’t be getting easier anytime soon. It’s why, when you’re hiring new people in a competitive market, your opportunity needs to stand apart to attract top-tier talent. The best way to do that? While there’s no one single approach, there are several strategies you can employee to recruit more effectively, particularly when there’s a lot of competition for the same candidates. 

4 Strategies for Effective Recruitment 

#1: Invest in employer branding.

Today’s workers want more in terms of work-life balance. As an employer, it’s up to you to not only offer it, but advertise it. This is where social media, a career website, online networking, and an in-person presence at networking events and career fairs matter. Top candidates have their choice of jobs and it’s up to you to create and promote opportunities they can’t turn down. 

#2: Develop a seamless hiring process.

Another area to focus on is your hiring process. If it’s long, complicated and cumbersome, you’ll lose out on top candidates. Also, if your website and job applications aren’t mobile friendly, many candidates will miss out on even seeing them. Instead, take the time to evaluate your current process, find bottlenecks and weaknesses, and improve the overall experience. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with candidates who end up ghosting you. 

#3: Focus on the candidate.

In the past, the hiring process has been centered on employer needs and requirements. Now, it’s a two-way street and your hiring process must reflect this. So be sure to promote the perks and benefits your company has to offer over the competition. Keep candidates informed and in the loop during the process, so they’re not left to wonder when you’re going to make a decision. 

And, above all, treat candidates with respect. If you decide not to extend an offer, let them know immediately. If, however, they’re a better fit for a future position, invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn, so you can foster a relationship with them and start building a talent pipeline.

#4: Offer an opportunity, not just a job.

Employees want to feel challenged, valued, engaged, and rewarded for hard work. This all combines to contribute to a more productive workplace environment with less turnover. However, if there’s no room for growth or an unhappy workplace culture, then the best employees won’t think twice about moving on. Likewise, it will be difficult to recruit top-tier talent. It’s why focusing on creating opportunities, not just jobs, is so important. 

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