How Gill Staffing Ensures Better Quality Employees for Your Business

How Gill Staffing Ensures Better Quality Employees for Your Business

Making a hiring decision is stressful. With so much on the line, one wrong move can lead to an expensive mistake, not to mention a hit to morale and productivity. 
How to Get Better Employees
As a leading staffing agency serving companies across West Michigan, Gill Staffing are experts when it comes to sourcing candidates, screening and evaluating them, and ensuring you have the right-fit people for your team. Here’s how we do it.
A robust talent pipeline.
Our recruitment team is always networking with candidates in a range of industries. You can therefore count on us for a robust pipeline of both active and passive candidates we can tap when you have a job opening. This makes the hiring process much more efficient and effective for you. 
A rigorous selection process. 
Once we get to know your company and your hiring needs, we’ll launch a rigorous selection process to source the best-fit candidates for your job openings. With over 30 years of experience in recruitment, you can rest assured our process will identify people with the right skills and personality to thrive in your organization. 
Comprehensive skills assessments.
We’ll then conduct comprehensive skills testing to ensure candidates have what it takes to succeed in the role. This way, once we send the top candidates your way, you know they have been thoroughly tested whether you’re hiring for a job in manufacturing, IT, administration, or another professional role. 
Thorough background checks.
Our final step in the process is to conduct background checks. This allows us to verify past employment and ensure the candidate has been completely transparent. This helps avoid hiring mistakes and provides you with peace of mind when you’re ready to make an offer. Depending on your hiring needs, we can also conduct drug screens and other kinds of more in-depth background assessments. 
Gill Staffing Can Help You Hire—Faster and Smarter
Let us explore the many advantages we can provide you with our staffing services. You can more easily hire, avoid expensive mistakes, and keep your team optimally staffed at all times with reliable and skilled employees. Contact us to get started and learn more.