Zoom Call Rule #1: Mute Yourself If You Aren’t Speaking

Zoom Call Rule #1: Mute Yourself If You Aren’t Speaking

Many people are working from home, making remote and Zoom calls a key part of their day. However, there are some dos and don’ts for using this technology in a professional way. The most important rule to follow?

Mute yourself when you’re not talking. This is especially vital if you have children or other family members at home with you. If you don’t mute yourself and your team can hear a dog barking in the background or kids talking, then it will be distracting and get annoying.

Not only that, but muting is a way of protecting you too. If you’re doing a lot of listening during a Zoom call, then you might forget after a while that your employees can hear you, causing you to say something they aren’t supposed to hear. Instead, when you get in the habit of muting yourself, if you’re not talking, you’ll ensure you don’t have any awkward or embarrassing situations come up.

In addition to muting yourself during phone calls, what are some other rules to follow on these Zoom Calls? Here’s a look:

Turn your camera off if you have to get up.

If you have to leave your work area during the call, make sure you turn your camera off. Otherwise, your team could wind up seeing something that you don’t want them to.

Pay attention to lighting.

Even though you’re having a virtual call, it’s still important to look clear and professional. So make sure your work area is well-lit and that you’re dressed in appropriate attire. 

Don’t yell.

While the microphone on your computer, phone, or laptop might not be cutting-edge, it’s probably decent and doesn’t require you to yell to be heard. If someone has a problem hearing you, they’ll let you know. So talk in your normal speaking voice.

Look at everyone else, not yourself.

It can be distracting to have a video image of you in front of your face. But try to ignore it. Instead, look at each person who’s talking or when you’re talking and focus your eyes and attention on them.

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