Why Partnering with Gill Staffing is a Great Idea

Why Partnering with Gill Staffing is a Great Idea

Why Partnering with Gill Staffing is a Great Idea

Hiring in today’s economy is stressful. With inflation affecting the price of everything, plus a worker shortage, it can be a recipe for disaster for some companies. 
However, when you work with Gill Staffing to meet your staffing needs, you can get the right people, in the right positions, fast.
Whether you’re looking to hire on a full-time basis, for a temporary assignment, or for a contract-to-hire role, we have a robust network of qualified candidates ready to get to work for you. Not only do we have relationships with candidates, but we can identify the right one for you based on our stringent, 20-point screening process. This is what sets us apart and ensures the people you get are the best fit for the job, as well as trained and prepared for it.

Why Should You Partner with Gill Staffing to Find Quality Candidates?
Some other aspects that set Gill Staffing apart include:
• Speed. When you need to hire, it’s usually in a hurry. Yet, this can lead to an expensive hiring mistake. With our team, however, we can hire quickly, while still ensuring your get the qualified and capable people you need.
• Experience. At Gill Staffing, we have more than 30 years of experience working with companies across the West Michigan area. We understand the local economy and have spent three decades bringing companies and candidates together. 
• Value. We know that you have a budget in mind when it’s time to hire. We can actually end up saving you time and money because we’re able to fill openings with strong candidates faster. We’ll become a partner in your success, one you can turn to time and again.
• Customer service. We treat every client uniquely and offer a personalized staffing plan and customized approach. Our goal is to forge a long-lasting relationship with your company, so hiring and staffing is less of a burden. 

At Gill Staffing, we can meet your hiring needs for a range of positions, including those in manufacturing and industrial, administration and clerical, and technical and professional roles. We can also fill openings for seasoned veterans, as well as entry-level workers, with dependable candidates who have been pre-qualified by our expert team.  

Ready for professional help staffing your company?
At Gill Staffing, we’re here for you with a proven process, a team of recruitment specialists, and a track record of success. You can skip the hiring hassles and let us handle the work. 
Simply contact us today to get started.