What’s the Better Management Tactic: Instant Gratitude or Delayed?

What’s the Better Management Tactic: Instant Gratitude or Delayed?

It’s the start of the New Year, and if you’re like many managers, you might have just completed performance reviews last month. During them, you covered a host of topics, from areas of strengths and weaknesses to goals and objectives. In them, you might also have thanked employees for their work. 

But is that the only time you show your gratitude? If it is, you’re missing out on essential opportunities during the entire year to demonstrate to your employees that you care and appreciate all they do. 

Why does it matter so much? There are several compelling reasons, including the following:

Because timely feedback can be more specific. 

If you’re thanking an employee on a job they just completed, the details are fresh in your mind and theirs, as well. You know the details and the impact it made on the company, and you can share all this with them. Several months down the line, your memory is going to be far hazier. What’s more is that your employee will wonder what took you so long to notice their work, minimizing the impact of the recognition.

Because when you give timely recognition, you people will be more motivated. 

They’ll know you’re aware of what they’re doing and how hard they’re working, which will inspire them to continue with their performance. For those who aren’t entirely performing up to par, it can also motivate them to improve their efforts, so they too get the same recognition. 

Because employees will have higher morale and be more engaged, this will help improve retention. 

Your employees want to work at and remain with companies who recognize their talents and abilities, making them feel like the valuable asset they are. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on retention rates.

Because when it comes to specific generations, they expect it. 

For instance, millennials consider feedback and recognition a vital part of their workplace satisfaction, as well as a measure of their success. This is more so than other previous generations.

It increases trust in your team. 

Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship, including the ones you have with your employees. When you show your appreciation for them regularly, they’ll trust you more, come to you with issues and concerns, and be more likely to share ideas and thoughts. This all translates into a stronger, more productive team.


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