What to Include on a Manufacturing Resume

What to Include on a Manufacturing Resume

Looking for a new job in manufacturing? A solid resume is key. When it comes to writing one, it can seem complicated. Yet, just like manufacturing, it’s simply a compilation of parts, from your strengths and accomplishments to your work experience and education or certifications. 

Once you know what needs to be on it, plus how to format it all, it’s actually simpler than it seems. So how do you approach a resume for a manufacturing job? Here are some details to include:

What Should You Include on a Resume for a Manufacturing Job?

Your name and contact information.

Place your first and last name, along with your phone number and email address at the top of your resume. You don’t have to include your street or mailing address. However, for your email address, make sure it’s a professional one, not If you’re not sure, create a new email account for your job search that will make a positive impression. 

Your work history.

This section is the most important and what hiring managers will look at first. You want it to be easy-to-read and also focused on your skills and strengths. Make sure you use a reverse chronological order, which means starting with your most recent job and working back from there. 

Include your job title, employer name and location, and the dates you worked at each company. Underneath, list in bullet points your responsibilities and accomplishments for each position. Aim for around three to six points for each position.

Your education and certifications.

The next section to include is your education, if you hold a college degree, and any certifications you have, such as “Class C Forklift Operator” or “OSHA Certified.” These will showcase to the employer that you not only have the knowledge and skills to do the job, but proper certifications and credentials, as well. 

If you hold certifications rather than a degree, include the full title of the training course you completed, the certificates earned, and when. 

In addition to these pieces and parts, make sure your format your resume properly. For instance, use boldface for the names of companies and italicize your job title. 

Some areas not to include on your resume are anything related to your personal life, such as hobbies or interests. You can include a “Skills” section if you have additional or miscellaneous skills that you think are important to highlight.  

Once you have all these sections in place, ask someone you trust to proofread your resume. You want to ensure there aren’t any glaring mistakes or typos.

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