What Soft Skills Are Employers Looking For?

What Soft Skills Are Employers Looking For?

Just because you have the right technical abilities doesn’t mean you’re the best fit for a certain job. Instead, a mix of both hard and soft skills is often necessary to thrive in a role. 

Soft skills are those that are hard to measure yet critical for on-the-job success. These include communication skills, leadership potential, creative problem solving skills, the ability to collaborate well with others and more. When you have the right soft skills for a particular role and company culture, chances are much greater that you will do well in that position. 

The opposite is true too. Even with the right technical abilities, if you don’t have the soft skills needed, performing the role will be harder for you. Plus, you likely won’t be happy in your position. It’s why soft skills are so important for both the employer and employee. 

So, what are most important in today’s market? It certainly depends on the industry you work in and the kind of job you’re looking for. However, in general, a few that are always in demand include:

What Top Soft Skills Are Employers Looking For?
Being able to adapt.

In today’s ever-changing and fluid world, employers need people who can adapt quickly. This means being able to cope with stress, embrace new challenges, and remain flexible as situations change. 

Strong communication skills.

Whether in writing or speaking, employers want people who can communicate clearly and in a persuasive manner. If this is an area where you struggle, there are many online courses and in person classes you can take to strengthen your communication skills.

Emotional intelligence.

If you’re able to understand your emotions and why others are responding a certain way, you likely have good emotional intelligence. This level of empathy and understanding helps you build and manage relationships better.

Enthusiasm for learning.

Employers want those who are eager to learn, develop and grow with their organizations. With technology, the economy, and business situations changing rapidly, they need people who are able to keep up, whether it’s learning the latest version of software or mastering a new skill in your field. 

Problem solving.

Employers are also on the lookout for those who are able to think critically, and outside the box, to solve problems. So, when you’re searching for a new job, familiarize yourself with common industry challenges or those a potential employer is facing and think about how you’d solve it. Your answers can help you stand out during the hiring process. 

There are other soft skills that are important to employers, as well, like leadership potential, a strong work ethic, decision making and time management skills, and more. Do some research in your field and into the companies you’re interviewing with, so you can identify which are most important. Then make sure you’re promoting the ones you have on your resume and during interviews, so you stand apart from other candidates. 

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