What Do You Need to Know About Gen Z Moving into the Workforce?

What Do You Need to Know About Gen Z Moving into the Workforce?

Today’s workplace is a multi-generational one. Millennials, or those born between 1981 and 1996, amount to around 56 million workers. They’re slated to make up around 75% of the employment market by 2025. On the other hand, Baby Boomers come in at around 41 million workers total, while Generation X employees account for around 53 million. 

In addition to these three, there’s a new generation on the horizon: Gen Z. These are individuals born after 1996. They’re you’re new graduates and entry-level employees. While they have a lot in common with the Millennials that came before them, there are some differences. 

Here’s what you need to know so that you can make the most of your staffing efforts:

They’re both highly literate when it comes to technology.

Both Millennials and Gen Z workers grew up with home computers, the Internet, smartphones, and tablets. It’s why technology is more than just a tool for them, but a way of life. You can leverage this tech fluency, sharpening your company’s competitive edge, both in-house and the market.  

They both want to make a positive difference.

More than previous generations, both want to understand the impact they’re having with their employers. They want you to connect the dots between their daily tasks and duties and how that’s contributing to the team, the company, and customers. The more you can do that, the more vested they’ll be in your organization’s success.

They want a lot of feedback.

Both Generation Z and Millennials are used to plenty of feedback, not only from their parents and teachers but peers via social media. In the workplace, they expect it from you and want to know ways they can build upon strengths and work on weaknesses. 

They both want balance in life.

These two younger generations crave balance when it comes to their careers. They want challenging work, rewarding opportunities and still have a healthy home life. It’s why offering options to work virtually, telecommute certain days, or set a more flexible schedule are so attractive to them.


However, one key area where Gen Z and Millennials differ is in terms of career stability. Most Millennials are well into their careers, with many years of experience under their belt. Gen Z workers, on the other hand, are just starting and are more vulnerable to company cuts and layoffs. 

On the positive side, this is the most educated generation our country has seen to date. According to research, most are likely to graduate from high school and to be enrolled in college. They’re also more likely to come from homes with college-educated parents than the previous Millennial generation. 

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