What Do Employees Want On Their First Day of a New Job?

What Do Employees Want On Their First Day of a New Job?

Just because you’ve extended the offer and a candidate accepted doesn’t mean your work is over. In fact, it’s just beginning. You must take the time to onboard that new hire successfully, starting with their first day. What are some areas to focus on when onboarding? Here’s a look: 
Welcoming them. 
 Make sure you’re on-site to welcome your new hire the first day. You’re a familiar face, and they will feel more comfortable seeing you when they arrive. Also, once they get settled, take them around and introduce them to the rest of the team. Make sure they’re starting to forge ties and connections from the beginning.  
A working office. 
Wherever your new hire is working, make sure it’s set up and ready to go on that first day. Spending the day waiting for IT to create an email or phone number for them is boring and frustrating. Instead, make sure their computer, phone, and anything else they need are ready for them to use. 
Training and onboarding. 
 Depending on the size of your company and the position you hire for, your training program might vary. However, make sure the new employee is trained in some way, whether it’s explaining to them about the company’s mission and vision and how they fit in or pairing them up with a veteran employee as a mentor and guide. 
Make it fun. 
 Your new employee will be a bundle of nerves that first day. So make it fun for them too. Take them out to lunch with their new team members, so they can start the process of getting to know them more personally. Also, give them a welcome basket with a company-branded mug, t-shirt, office supplies, and other useful items, like a list of local restaurants for lunch. 
Be clear and be available. 
One of the biggest reasons new hires leave quickly is because they don’t understand what’s expected of them or they clash with their new manager. To avoid this, be clear about short- and long-term goals. Explain to them what’s expected and how success will be measured.
Also, make regular time for your new employee to meet with you, ask questions and bring up any concerns. During those first few days and weeks, be clear that you’re available to help them in any way. 
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