Turning “Just Another Job” into an Enjoyable Experience for Temp Employees

Turning “Just Another Job” into an Enjoyable Experience for Temp Employees

You know that in theory, temporary staffing offers your company loads of benefits. You can expand your workforce all without adding to your fixed overhead. As a result, you can take on new projects, manage through busy seasons, and get orders out the door faster, all without a full-time commitment.

However temporary employees are just like full-time ones. To get the most from them in terms of productivity, you must engage and motivate them. To do that, here are a few tips for taking your temp job and turning it into an enjoyable experience for employees:

Communicate ahead of time with your staff.

Before temporary employees start on the job, make sure that your core staff knows they’re coming, when, and what they’ll be doing. If you don’t communicate ahead of time, your existing team might feel threatened by the arrival of temporary employees. Instead, diffuse any conflict ahead of time with open communication. 

Be clear about goals and expectations.

Your temporary employees need to be clear about what you expect from them daily and how you’ll measure their performance. So, talk to them about short-term daily goals, as well as what you’re hoping to achieve with them throughout the assignment. Also, explain how their role fits into the bigger picture so they understand how vital their contributions are.

Train and onboard temporary employees.

Many employers skip this step because the employees aren’t permanent ones. While you might not put a temporary employee through the same lengthy process, it’s still important to offer some training. This ensures they understand what they’re supposed to be doing daily and how to handle challenges properly. It also gives them a chance to voice any questions or concerns. Everyone will, therefore, be on the same page, so mistakes and unwanted surprises can be avoided.

Welcome temporary employees.

Just as you would for a new full-time hire, make sure you’re there on the first day to welcome the new temporary employee and give them a tour of the facility. Introduce them around to their co-workers and other key players. Show them where they’ll be working and invite them to any social events that are happening during their time with the company. They’ll feel more comfortable and confident – like part of the team – when you take these steps. 

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