Tips for Flawless Virtual Team Huddles

Tips for Flawless Virtual Team Huddles

During this chaotic time, it’s critical to keep morale and transparency up so that your people stay focused, motivated, and engaged. That’s where the virtual team huddle comes in. This is essentially a regular team meeting, just occurring over a computer screen rather than in person. To get it right, here are a few tips to put to use:

Fix any technical difficulties.

If you or anyone in the meeting are having technical difficulties, then it distracts everyone and eats away at precious time. So make sure you fix these. It might be a matter of using a different software program to meet or make sure your employees have all the technological resources they need. Getting this resolved as soon as possible is key to a flawless meeting. 

Take into account time differences.

Make sure that you’re thinking about time differences if anyone on your team is working from a different region of the country or the world. You want to schedule these huddles at a time that is as convenient as possible for everyone, so they get the most from it.

Make some small talk.

At the beginning of each meeting, take a few minutes to catch up with everyone. Ask how they’re doing and how they’re handling the COVID-19 crisis. Your employees’ well-being is critical, especially during a time of such uncertainty and stress, so it’s important to check-in. 

Create an agenda.

Make sure you have an outline for your meeting and send it to your team ahead of time. This will give them a sense of what the meeting is about and what they should and can offer in the way of news, progress, and updates. An agenda is also an essential tool for keeping your team on track during the conversation and making sure you cover all the necessary items.

Avoid multi-tasking.

You don’t want your employees responding to texts or checking their emails during a virtual meeting. So you shouldn’t do it either. Instead, focus entirely on the huddle at hand, what employees are saying, and cover important information so that it will run smoother and faster. 

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