The Job Search After Long Term Unemployment

The Job Search After Long Term Unemployment

When you’ve been out of the workforce for a while, it can feel overwhelming to re-enter it. You might have a mix of emotions about it, from stress and apprehension to relief and readiness. 

To help you navigate your way through this process and get back in the action, here are some tips to follow:

Get back into a work routine.

When you’re not working, it’s easy to sleep in and do what you want, when you want, during your waking hours. However, once you’re working again, you’re going to have more constraints on your time. 

Now’s a good point to get ready for it all. Set an alarm each morning and wake at the time you normally would for work. Also, structure your day, so you’re following a consistent routine. This will help you transition back into a regular workday easier. 

Make sure your skills are polished and ready for the job.

If you’ve been out of the workforce for a while, you might not be up-to-date on the latest trends or technologies in your industry. Before you begin your search, make sure you have the skills you need to get hired in the job you want. Enroll in classes or read up on industry news to ensure you’re in-the-know and well-prepared for the hiring process. 

Consider a temporary job.

When you’ve been unemployed for a while, getting a temporary job can be a great first step in the process. These are often easier to secure and will help you end the lengthy gap on your resume. At the same time, you’ll gain new skills and make different connections, all of which can benefit you when you’re searching for a new full-time job.

Work with an employment agency.

If you need help with your resume, interviews, and your search, turn to an employment agency. They have expert recruiters who can work with you to match you with the right opportunities. They can also help you enhance your resume, prepare for job interviews, and gain access to the hidden job market. These are openings that aren’t advertised, but filled through staffing agencies instead. In addition, recruiters can provide career advice and tips, so you can achieve your goals and successfully make your way back into the workforce.

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