The Importance of Showing Employees Their Impact on the Company

The Importance of Showing Employees Their Impact on the Company

You understand the importance of what your employees do each day. But do they? Do they know that without them, you couldn't get orders out the door, deal with customer complaints, or add new clients to your sales base? In other words, do they know the specific ways their individual and unique contributions impact the company's bottom line? 

If not, then you're missing out on a critical opportunity. For instance, when employees understand the importance of their work, they're:

  • More engaged because their work has personal meaning to them.
  • More motivated because they see that their efforts are producing something tangible and worthwhile.
  • More loyal because they're making a connection between their day-to-day duties and the health of the company. 

Not only that, but they're performing better, too. When employees understand where they fit in and the importance of their work, they make better decisions and strive to identify new ways to increase productivity and growth.

There are plenty of benefits. But if you don't typically explain "the why" to employees, how do you start? Here are a few tips to help you:

Explain your vision.

You likely have a strong vision, along with goals and expectations for your team and the company. You mustn't be keeping it to yourself but explaining and sharing it with your people. When they have a big-picture overview of the company and what it's doing, it will be more apparent to them where they fit in.

Meet individually.

Connect with your team members individually, as well. Talk about goals and timelines, as well as the financial implications of the projects. When employees understand specific ways in which their daily work is contributing to the bottom line, they'll work harder to succeed.  

Check-in regularly.

Make this an ongoing conversation with your team. Look for new opportunities to show them the different ways they're making an impact. If you get a testimonial from a happy customer, share it with them. Or if sales increased last month, tell them and explain the steps it took to get there. Employees will, therefore, be more engaged and more motivated to contribute and make a more significant impact. 

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