The Happiness Series: Make Your Team’s Work Fulfilling

The Happiness Series: Make Your Team’s Work Fulfilling

You want your employees to like coming to work each day. When they do, they’ll work harder, make fewer mistakes, and take better care of customers. 

At the same time, you’re focused on increasing sales and productivity, putting out fires and dealing with conflict. With so much on your plate, how can you ensure your team is fulfilled on the job? Here are some tips to help you:

Be consistent with praise.

When you’re consistently recognizing hard work and praising employees for it, they’ll feel more valued and appreciated. This, in turn, will motivate them to work harder and continue to get the same positive feedback. It’s an easy and no-cost way to make your team happier and more productive, all while increasing their fulfillment on the job.

Show your team why their work matters.

Don’t simply tell your team how much you appreciate them; show them why their work matters. For instance, give them hard facts and numbers about how they’re impacting customers, company profits, the community, or the industry. This will enable them to see how they fit individually and team-wide into the bigger picture, so they understand their duties and responsibilities have an impact. 

Provide perks.

When you have a happy, satisfied team in place, you want to keep them that way. To do that, give them perks and benefits that will boost morale and fulfillment, all while increasing employee satisfaction. For instance, focus on areas that improve quality of life, such as offering flexible scheduling, added vacation time, gym memberships, childcare discounts, and more.

Invest in them.

People are more likely to be fulfilled at work if they’re learning and growing. They’ll get bored and frustrated if they’re kept stagnant. So invest in your people, whether through continuing education, lunch-and-learns, training opportunities, seminars, and conferences or by providing other learning experiences. 

Add some fun into your schedule.

Day in and out, your team works hard. When you add a dash of fun into the mix, you’ll change up their schedule and enable them to forge closer ties with you and one another. This will make coming to work each day more fulfilling and enjoyable for everyone.

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