The Future of Drones is Here & Ready to Make Your Workplace Safer

The Future of Drones is Here & Ready to Make Your Workplace Safer

When you think of drones, issues like national security come to mind. However, did you know they can also be used to keep your workplace safe? In fact, many companies are using these high-flying tools to take their safety to the next level in a way that also works for their budgets. Here are a few ways it can benefit your company:

Enhances security.

When it comes to keeping intruders off your property, drones can help protect your company and its assets. This is simply because they have a birds-eye view of your property, which makes it easier to identify threats. A human security guard or even a high-tech security system can’t achieve this. It’s an especially valuable tool if you keep dangerous chemicals or in-demand commodities stored up in your facility.

Keeps workers safer.

A drone can provide you with a total visual of your facility, even if no one’s in it. This can be helpful when there’s an emergency situation where you want to get your workers out, such as a chemical spill. You can still inspect what’s going on, without putting people in harm’s way.

Likewise, if you have an off-site project and need to assess any potential threats to humans first, a drone offers an easy and safe way to do that. You can evaluate the footage it captures and plan ahead to protect your workers.

Covers a large property faster.

If you have one small building, then securing it might not be that challenging. But if you have a large property with many buildings and facilities, it can be far more difficult. That’s where drones come in handy. Not only are they faster and more efficient than a human, but can cover more ground than a security system. This can be especially helpful if there are areas on your property that are hard to reach or have a rugged terrain. Drones can see and record it all without incident.

Harness the power of data.

With drones, you’ll not only get visual data efficiently, you can get many different types of it to help make vital business decisions. For instance, a drone can do more than simply capture images, but also thermal data, which will showcase any potential leaks you have on or around your facility. Rather than spending many manhours searching for a small leak – and putting workers in harm’s way for longer than necessary – you essentially get a map that tells you exactly where it is.

Technology, like drones, can be an important asset in the workplace. However, at the end of the day, you can’t truly stay safe without the right people, performing their jobs carefully and conscientiously. It’s where Gill Staffing can help.

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