The Engagement Series: A Manager’s Greatest Asset is Happy Employees

The Engagement Series: A Manager’s Greatest Asset is Happy Employees

Your people are more than just a means to getting a job done. They're your greatest asset; without them, you couldn't run your company. 

Unfortunately, though, many employers are more focused on the bottom line than on engaging employees. In fact, according to a recent Gallup report, employee engagement sits at around 34%. And that's an improvement over the previous year's numbers. 

But the reality is that a happy employee is a more valuable one, which is why you should consider putting these engagement tips into practice:

Get to know your employees on a personal level.

Building relationships sounds easy, but in reality, it takes time if you don't know your employees all that well. Doing this, though, will not only show them that you care but also help you to personalize your management style around their unique traits and abilities. You'll develop a stronger rapport and get more consistent performance results. 

Keep them in the loop about the company.

When you're depending on your employees to finish a job on time, they might not understand why it's so important or what it means to the company. So make sure they know how their contributions impact the team, as well as the whole organization. Keeping them involved will keep them more vested in the success and engaged in the process. 

Give them some freedom.

You hired each employee for a reason. You saw them as skilled, capable, and ready to become a valuable member of the team. However, if you're micromanaging or second-guessing their every move, then they're going to get frustrated and grow disengaged over time. Instead, set clear goals and expectations and then step back and let them approach the job in their way. 

Recognize their hard work.

If employees are continually going the extra mile or are entirely consistent in delivering quality work, thank them, and demonstrate your appreciation. Whether it's through an email, a card, or by rewarding them with a bonus, it's up to you! But praise and recognition are big motivators for top-level performance and key to keeping employees engaged.

Create a healthy work culture.

If your employees don't like coming to work each day because the culture is stressful or toxic in some way, then you're not going to hang onto them for very long. That's why it's essential to invest some time and effort into evaluating your company's culture and making sure you're doing all you can in making it a great environment in which to work. 

When you have a valuable asset, you need to take care of it. That's true for your company and its customers, and it's true for your employees, as well. Follow the tips above to keep them happy and engaged, so you both can benefit in the end.

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