The Advantages of Making Your Temporary Worker a Permanent One

The Advantages of Making Your Temporary Worker a Permanent One

You thought you only needed an employee on a temporary basis. But demand has continued to rise and you now need those extra hands on deck on a full-time basis. Should you extend an offer to them, or look externally first?

If you have a temporary worker who’s been doing a stellar job, it makes good business sense to make them a permanent fixture at your company. There are many advantages to it, including:

Reduced risk of a bad hire.

When you’ve already worked with the temporary employee, then you essentially know what you’re getting. You’ve seen them in action in terms of both their technical abilities, as well as their soft skills. This knowledge and insight helps to reduce the risk of making an expensive hiring mistake.

Lower hiring costs.

Rather than having to develop a job description, post it, screen resumes and interview candidates, you simply have to extend the offer to your temporary employee. This will save you significantly on the cost of hiring, all while getting a worker you know has the right capabilities to do the job.

A better-fit new hire.

Not only have you been evaluating the temporary employee, they too have been assessing your company and its culture. As a result, they have a much stronger sense of whether it’s the right fit for them when compared to an external candidate. This ensures a more successful partnership in the long run between you and the employee.

An easier transition.

Whether the temporary worker has been with you for a few weeks or a few months, they know policies, procedures and culture. As a result, the transition will be relatively easy compared to bringing a completely new employee on board. This helps avoid disruptions and maintains more consistent productivity.


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