Thank You Notes Aren’t Just for After the Interview

Thank You Notes Aren’t Just for After the Interview

You know that after a job interview, it’s essential to send a thank you note to the hiring manager. When you do, you can take advantage of an opportunity to set yourself apart from other candidates who don’t take this final step during the hiring process.  

But there’s more value to thank you notes than just during the interview process. This one small step can have a significant impact on a variety of other situations, including the following:

To thank a co-worker.

When you work with someone regularly, it’s easy to take them for granted. But in reality, if you enjoy them or if they make your job easier in some way, you should thank them. Taking just a few minutes to write them a thoughtful thank you note will make a significant impact on their day and your relationship. 

To thank a vendor.

Do you work with a company that goes out of their way to meet your needs? Do you regularly ask for special favors or tight turnarounds? While they’re just doing their job, you must recognize their efforts. When you do, not only will they feel valued and appreciated, but in the future, they’ll be more motivated to honor your requests and meet your needs. 

To thank a staff member.

Are you a manager or in a role where you’re leading other people? Are you regularly thanking them for the work they do? If you’re not, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to build morale, increase productivity, and create a team that’s happier and thrives. 

Whatever scenario is right for you, make sure that when you do send a thank you note, it’s timely and specific. A general or vague one won’t be as powerful. So dig into specific details about the ways the person has helped, making your note far more memorable in the process. 

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