Summer 2020: Top Tips for Keeping Your Employees Focused

Summer 2020: Top Tips for Keeping Your Employees Focused

It’s the dog days of summer, and to date, it’s been a stressful year. As a result, your employees might be falling behind in terms of motivation and performance. 

But you still have hot projects, demanding customers, and deadlines to meet. How can you help your employees balance summer enjoyment while still getting the job done? Here are five tips to help you drive motivation during the season, so employees don’t fade or burn out:

Tip #1: Give them more flexibility.

If you’re able to offer employees the opportunity to make their schedule or work flexibly, then do it. Many people want to be able to work from home on certain days, or come in earlier and leave earlier, especially during summer. 

When you provide this perk, your staff will be more motivated during the time they are working, completing tasks, and checking off to-do’s. They’ll also have a bit more balance in their life, so they feel recharged and more focused when they are at work.

Tip #2: Give them incentives to meet milestones.

Reward your employees when they achieve certain milestones, whether individual ones or as part of a team. For instance, if they complete a project ahead of schedule or win a new account, give them an extra vacation day. If the team worked hard and delivered on a certain objective, let them leave early on a Friday so that they can start their weekend early. Small perks like this can have a significant impact in terms of motivation and morale.

Tip #3: Give your employees a break.

When employees don’t take their allotted vacation time, it can lead to stress and burnout. So while it might sound counterintuitive to encourage vacations when you’re trying to ramp up productivity, doing so will enable your people to recharge, return to work fresh, and demonstrate a more positive attitude. 

Tip #4: Give them praise.

When you’re busy, it’s easy to forget to thank your employees or show your appreciation for them. But not doing so can lead to disengagement and a lack of motivation. You don’t need to give them a pricey gift, but you should offer timely and appropriate praise and feedback for a job well done. 

Tip #5x: Give your employees extra help.

If you’re in the middle of a critical project or just launched a new initiative, you might need some extra help. Consider bringing on temporary workers to fill the gap, support your core staff, and get the job done more efficiently, all without adding to your overhead. 

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