Summer 2020: Do Yourself a Favor & Walk Outside During Your Lunch Break!

Summer 2020: Do Yourself a Favor & Walk Outside During Your Lunch Break!

You know walking is good for your physical health. It burns calories, keeps obesity at bay, and lowers the risk of heart disease. But when it comes to your workday, walking during your lunch hour can reduce stress dramatically.  
And there’s more good news. You don’t have to walk miles or speed walk. In fact, even just a moderately paced walk can reduce anxiety and provide a host of other benefits, including: 
It calms your brain. 
When you’re walking, your brain shifts from an active state into a more meditative one. This is calming and can help you reflect more deeply on work issues, all while calming your mind and increasing awareness. As a result, you might suddenly come up with a solution for a problem that’s been plaguing you for weeks.  
It lowers tension. 
Spending time in nature has been studied and linked to reducing stress. Not only that, but it improves both memory and attention by as much as up to 20%. Simultaneously, it gives you a boost in energy, lowering feelings of anxiety, and stress overall. 
It boosts your mood. 
When you’re out taking a brisk walk, endorphins are getting released into your body. These are the hormones that reduce stress and can even cut down on mild depression. Overall, you’ll be in a more positive place mentally, ready to tackle all those challenges once back at work.  
It helps you make connections. 
If you walk with co-workers, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with them and get to know them personally. Back at the office, this level of camaraderie will have a positive impact on collaboration and morale, as well as lead to more satisfaction on the job.  
On top of that, these social connections have been proven to lower the cortisol levels in the body, which is a stress hormone. So by combining walking with socializing, you’ll lower your stress levels overall. 
It helps you fight fatigue. 
If you get tired after lunch, walking can help you combat this issue. It can improve your energy levels after you eat and even aid in the digestion process, so you don’t feel full and sluggish when you get back to work. 
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