Struggling to Retain Employees Only After a Day?

Struggling to Retain Employees Only After a Day?

Did you know that at any given time, many of your workers are actively or passively searching for new jobs? Some turnover is inevitable, even with the best companies. However, if it’s on the rise at yours, especially with new hires, you need to take a step back and evaluate your culture.  
How can you increase retention and keep your best workers? Here are some tips to help you: 
Make your company the “best place” to work. 
There are many benefits to being the best place to work, including retaining top employees and attracting higher quality talent when you hire. You’ll have a larger pool of candidates to choose from and can employ those who are truly the right fit for your industrial jobs and your work culture.  
To start, survey your current staff and find out what they like about working for your company and what they don’t. Make it an anonymous process, so they’re more likely to be honest. Once you do this, you’ll know what areas need your focus so that you can improve the appeal of your workplace.  
Invest in a comprehensive onboarding process. 
When new hires aren’t properly trained or onboarded, they’re going to flounder. They’ll feel frustrated and disengaged quickly and will likely jump ship to a new company.  
To avoid this, make sure you’re properly onboarding new employees. This includes thorough training, as well as welcoming and integrating them into the team. How you do, it is up to you, but some ideas include:  
• Be there to greet them on their first day. 
• Make sure their workstation or area is set up and ready for them.  
• Adopt an open-door policy for them to come to you with questions. 
• Pair them with a veteran team member to help them. 
• Check-in with them daily during those first few weeks on the job. 
Provide positive working conditions. 
Develop a strong workplace culture, one that puts an emphasis on respect, a healthy work-life balance, and open communication. When you do, your team will come to you with issues and concerns before they escalate and trigger disengagement. You’ll also create a more loyal workforce who wants to stay with you for the long haul.  
Create a diverse, happy team. 
To build a team that works well together, focus on hiring people from diverse backgrounds and with differing perspectives. This will help to bring creativity and inspiration to your workforce, sparking innovation.  
Also, make sure each team member is clear about individual goals, as well as team-wide ones. When everyone is on the same page and understands the big picture – and why their contributions matter to it – they’ll be more likely to work together toward success.  
Celebrate the wins. 
Make sure you recognize your employees for their hard work, efforts, and results. Celebrate the wins, whether it’s through a note, an email, or by stopping by to see your employee in person and congratulate them. They’ll work harder to maintain their high performance and also motivate others to succeed. 
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