Stop Job Hopping & Start Being Honest in Interviews About Your Goals & Wants

Stop Job Hopping & Start Being Honest in Interviews About Your Goals & Wants

When you change jobs too often, you might end up with the dreaded label: “job hopper.” You’re ready to commit but just haven’t found the position that’s a fit for you. How do you overcome this obstacle during an interview, while still being honest with the hiring manager about your goals and wants? The Grand Rapids recruiters at Gill Staffing have the answers you need. Here’s a look at how to approach this sensitive situation:

Focus on your strengths and abilities.

During the interview, don’t focus too much on your spotty track record. Instead, please talk about your abilities and how they’re relevant to the position. Explain any skills that you can offer that are especially valuable or unique for an employer. You’ll make yourself more memorable in a positive way as a result.

Talk about why you want to work at a particular company.

When you’re interviewing, explain what drew you to the job and the company in the first place. What appeals most about it, and why do you believe that it’s the right fit for your background and personality? The more you’re able to align yourself with the job’s qualifications and the company’s culture, the better. 

Be honest when talking about job-hopping.

If and when the hiring manager brings up your record of job-hopping, address it directly. You don’t want to come across like you’re lying or trying to withhold information. Let them know that you weren’t fired but left of your own accord because the position wasn’t right for you. Explain why – for instance, there was no room for growth – and what you learned from the experience. 

Don’t point the finger of blame.

If you’ve had a lousy track record with managers or colleagues, don’t point the finger of blame at them during an interview. This will make you look unprofessional and immature. Instead, be diplomatic when you explain why you left past jobs and never talk negatively about any person or company. 

Assure the hiring manager you’re committed to the right job.

When it comes to job hoppers, one of the biggest fears hiring managers have about them is that they’re going to leave within a few weeks or months if hired. So assure them that’s not the case. Tell them that you’re committed to staying on the job and list several reasons as to why you think you’d be the best fit for the position.

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