Show Respect to Others in Your Office

Show Respect to Others in Your Office

Respect in the workplace is critical for a healthy culture. It’s a culmination of how co-workers, superiors, and others within the organization treat each other. It can often determine employee satisfaction and happiness on the job and is, therefore, a vital component to retention. 

Knowing all that, how can you take respect to the next level within your company? Here are some tips to help you:

Lead by example.

Treat everyone you meet and work with during your day with respect. This means being courtesy and kind, whether it’s to a mailroom worker, receptionist, middle manager, or senior leadership. Never speak over another person or try to interrupt them as they’re attempting to make a point. Instead, acknowledge there’s room for everyone at the table. 

Embrace the opinions of others.

Not everyone on your team is going to think the same way or how you do. It’s, therefore important to recognize this and embrace diverse opinions and ideas. Listen to what others have to say before expressing your viewpoint. Ask questions to ensure you completely understand what they’re communicating. If they feel heard, they’ll feel respected also. 

Implement the ideas of others.

If a team member has a good idea for changing a process or improving a situation at work, let them take the initiative and bring their ideas to life. This will empower them and give them a level of autonomy and decision-making ability to make them feel more vested in the team.

Don’t judge or demean.

Even if someone made a mistake or you disagree with an idea or decision, don’t put them down or use disparaging remarks. Belittling people does nothing other than show that you’re highly critical, and people will shut down around you as a result. 

Take note of your body language.

What you say is important, but so is how you say it. Be mindful of your body language and use it to show that you’re open and listening. Your body language, along with the tone of your voice, can go a long way in impacting your work interactions. They can be stressful and hostile, or positive and productive. 

Get to know your people. 

Use your knowledge of each person to better manage them in a way that works for them individually. This takes some time and emotional intelligence, but when you have empathy and understanding of your staff members, you’ll know what makes them tick and better drive them toward success. 

Be inclusive and fair.

Don’t play favorites, especially when everyone is working hard and toward the same goal. Create a healthy culture where everyone feels welcomed and included with equal access to opportunities. 

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