Should You Put Your Job Search on Pause through the Holidays?

Should You Put Your Job Search on Pause through the Holidays?

It's the time of year for snowfall, sleigh bells, and snuggling by the fire. You want to enjoy this magical season; however, you also want a new job too. Should you put off your search until after the New Year? Or should you keep up your quest to find a better-suited opportunity?

The answer's simple: Continue with your search! In fact, the holidays are a great time of the year for finding a new job for several reasons. Here's why:

Employers are hiring (contrary to popular opinion).

Competition, growing demand from customers, and strategic planning don't take a break, and neither can hiring. Often, managers have a budget for hiring each year and if they don't use the money, they'll lose it in the next year. So there's a financial incentive to bring in a new employee before the year closes out. 

Other candidates are taking time off.

While you're keeping up with your hunt for a new job, other candidates are likely taking a break during the holiday season. This means there's less competition for you when you're interviewing and going through the hiring process. It also means there's a good chance you could get hired faster. If you do pause your search until after the holidays, keep in mind you'll have to stand out against the influx of candidates who did the same. 

It's a great time to network.

If you're attending a holiday party or volunteering at a charity event, it's an ideal time to make new connections and expand your network. If you're with a trusted group, tell them you're looking for a new job. Always bring business cards with you so you can follow up with any new contacts and potential opportunities with them. You never know where or when your next new job will come. 

You have more downtime to focus on your search.

If you're taking time off from your current job over the holidays, it's a great time to polish your resume, update your LinkedIn profile, search for different jobs, research employers, and interview with different hiring managers. You can also do this without your job search landing on your current employer's radar. 

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