Should I Talk to my Boss if I am Unhappy at Work?

Should I Talk to my Boss if I am Unhappy at Work?

With a high unemployment rate and so much uncertainty due to COVID-19, you might think you’re stuck in your current position. However, if you’re not happy at work, you can still take action and hopefully turn the situation around by taking one simple step: talking to your boss.

If you’re unhappy, don’t assume your boss is a mind reader and knows it. Also, don’t assume you need to look for a new job. Instead, open up a conversation with your manager, so they understand the issues you’re having. You can then work together to find a solution.

Keep in mind too, your boss likely wants to retain you if you’re a hard-working, reliable employee. So don’t be afraid to let them know when you’re not happy. Oftentimes, they would rather offer you new assignments or transition you into a different role rather than lose someone they trust. In fact, it makes more economic sense for your employer to work with you to improve the situation, so they don’t need to invest in hiring and training.

To help you approach the conversation with care, here are some considerations:

Prepare ahead of time.

Don’t simply walk into your boss’s office and state that you’re not happy. Schedule a private meeting with them and take steps to prepare first. Be ready to talk about why you’re unhappy and have some possible solutions to offer to fix the problem.

For instance, for each issue you’re bringing up, think through and be ready to offer a potential solution. This will help balance out any negativity and show you’re a problem solver that wants to work through the situation.

Also, be prepared to listen to your boss, answer questions, and field their ideas. The more you walk into the conversation prepared to state your case and hear their side, the more productive it will be.

Ask your boss for help.

In some cases, you might not be able to nail down exactly why you’re unhappy at work. Still talk to your boss. Explain you’re not feeling as engaged and want to maintain or improve your performance. Then ask for advice and feedback about your role. Your boss might see something about the way you’re approaching your job or how you’re motivated that’s not as clear to you. They can provide some additional insight into what will help you increase your satisfaction on the job, better equipping you to get back to your happy place at work.

Know when to walk away.

Sometimes, you will have a boss who doesn’t want to help you work to improve the situation. Or perhaps, their hands are tied. Whatever the case, if you’re not happy and don’t see a path forward, it’s time to consider making a move. Just make sure when you’re looking for new opportunities, you’re especially mindful of what you like and don’t like about your existing job. That way, you can avoid accepting a new position that is similar to your current role.


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