Quit Without Burning Any Bridges

Quit Without Burning Any Bridges

Moving out of one job and into another is a normal part of the career cycle. However, making the leap can feel awkward and uncomfortable, especially if you’ve been at a certain company for years. The good news is that there are ways to gracefully exit one job and keep your reputation and relationships intact. Here’s how. 

How Do You Leave Your Job and Not Burn a Bridge?

Tell your boss first.

This is not information you want your boss to hear second hand. Make telling him or her a priority once you’ve signed on the dotted line with your new employer. Ask your boss if they want to tell the team, or if you should handle it. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness regarding the matter. 

Tell your co-workers. 

If you are the one telling your co-workers, think about what you will say ahead of time. You don’t want to be negative or put your foot in your mouth in any way, so it’s important to prepare beforehand. 

Offer proper notice.

Always offer two weeks’ notice, which is simply a professional courtesy, and be flexible and offer more if you can. Your boss might want you to leave sooner and you might be ready to hit the road. However, offering at least two weeks’ notice is the professional way out the door, so you’re not burning bridges. 

Be mindful of timing.

If you leave a project at a critical and difficult point, your co-workers might be left disgruntled and annoyed. While you can’t always control the timing, try to be mindful of it. 

For instance, offer to stay for three weeks instead of two and provide training for those taking over your roles. The more helpful and courteous you can be, the better state you’ll leave your relationships in. 

Remain professional and polite.

Even if you’re leaving due to a difficult relationship with your boss or co-workers, be professional and polite for the duration. Make it clear to everyone you enjoyed working with them (even if you didn’t) and tell them you’ll miss them. 

If you’re asked, you don’t have to give details on your new opportunity if you don’t want to. Simply state it was too good to pass up.

Ready to hit the ground running in a new job?

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