Leadership Trends: Be Outcentric, Not Egocentric

Leadership Trends: Be Outcentric, Not Egocentric

Your hiring needs are probably far different than they were just a few years ago. There are varying skills and abilities that are critical now that weren’t even on your radar back then. Likewise, the workforce is changing, and so are the demands of the people within it. 

Take, for instance, telecommuting. Today, it’s a norm at many companies with new candidates, especially in the younger generation, expecting this perk when they accept a job offer. While it provides flexibility and a better work-life balance for people, it posts management challenges for leadership.

With change of this magnitude, managers have to adapt and acquire new skills in order to stay at the forefront. One way to do that is to be more outcentric, rather than ecogentric. 

So what does this mean, and how can you achieve this?

Being outcentric involves focusing less on dictating to people and forcing them to follow your rules and more on being inclusive, inviting different opinions and perspectives, and listening to feedback from others. 

When you take this kind of approach, not only will you gain valuable insight, but your people will have a voice and therefore feel more vested in your company. This increases engagement and lowers turnover. 

An egocentric leader, on the other hand, lacks self-awareness. This means they don’t understand their skills and abilities or their strengths and weaknesses. Nor do they have a sense of how others perceive them. 

Without self-awareness, egocentric leaders assume the best and that they’re always right, no matter what. This leaves little room for debate or the flow of new ideas or thoughts. It also stifles creativity and fosters a sense of disengagement. 

This is why when it comes to managing your team, taking an outcentric approach is always best. Even though you’re the leader, it doesn’t mean you always have the answers. Besides helping you to enhance your awareness, it also encourages more collaboration on your team. This, in turn, leads to new innovations, all while fostering stronger relationships.

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