How to Hire When You Can’t Compete With Salary

How to Hire When You Can’t Compete With Salary

Since the start of the pandemic, more and more people have quit their jobs, leaving employers in the lurch. In fact, it’s been deemed the “Great Resignation” and is impacting companies from mom-and-pop type stores to Fortune 500 organizations. 
One way to find the talent you need in these perilous times is to offer more in terms of salary. But what if that’s not an option? How can you hire hard-working, skilled individuals if you’re at your limit, budget-wise? Here are some tips to help you: 
Promote employee development 
Most employees, even hourly ones, want opportunities for training and development. This will help them to gain new skills, network with others, and add more value to your company. It’s a win-win all the way around and even helps you attract top talent when they know there are opportunities for professional development at your place of business. 
Offer flexible scheduling 
Since the pandemic, it’s become clear that many jobs can be performed by telecommuting. As a result, working virtually is no longer a trend, but here to stay and what many employees expect, especially younger ones.  
So think about what works best for your company and the people you’re trying to attract. You can offer full telecommuting opportunities, a hybrid schedule, a flex schedule, or the ability to easily swap shifts to help your team better balance their home and work life.  
Make sure your managers are well trained 
Many times, employees don’t leave bad companies but poor managers. They want a relationship with a manager who sees their potential, invests in their career goals, offers constructive criticism, as well as encouraging feedback, and works hard to cultivate a healthy team.  
It’s therefore worth it to ensure all your managers are well-trained and have the right soft skills to appeal to candidates during the hiring process. Once on staff, well-trained managers will play a key role in employee satisfaction, so you have high retention rates. 

Provide extra perks

Another way to attract the best workers is to enhance the perks and benefits you offer. This includes traditional benefits, like health insurance and retirement benefits, as well as more paid time off, early access to their paycheck of necessary, commuter subsidies, allowing dogs at work, or other perks that will make your organization a unique and attractive place to work.  
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