How Solving Employees’ Pain Points Will Solve Yours

How Solving Employees’ Pain Points Will Solve Yours

You know the importance of taking care of your customers. But what about your employees? What do you do to help meet their wants and needs, as well as solve their problems? 

When you're focused on your employees' pain points – knowing what they are and working to solve them – you'll not only improve productivity and morale, but also reduce turnover in the process. This is especially important when you consider statistics like this from the Workplace Health Survey:

70% of respondents were either "actively looking for new job opportunities" or were thinking about it "always, often, or sometimes."  

That means, at any given time, a large part of your workforce is looking or thinking about looking for a new job. But by responding to their pain points, you'll go a long way in showing them that you do care and getting them to stick around as a result. 

So, what are some of the issue's employees are having? Here's a look at the top few:

  • A lack of flexibility. With so many demands on today's workers, in both their jobs and personal lives, it's often tough to balance it all. However, by offering more flexible options for scheduling, whether it's flex hours, telecommuting, or four-day workweeks, you can show employees that you understand their struggle and help them to overcome it, providing more balance and career satisfaction in the process. 
  • Poor communication. When significant changes consistently blindside employees or feel like they're not in the loop, they're going to grow mistrustful of leadership. That's why it's so important to communicate openly and often with your staff, from setting clear goals and expectations to asking for their opinions and insight into company challenges. 
  • Technical difficulties. When computers are continually crashing, and equipment is malfunctioning, employees can't do their jobs properly and stay productive. It's a frustrating experience for them, one that can impact retention if it happens time and again. 
  • They are not recognized. When employees consistently go above and beyond for you but aren't show any appreciation, they're going to grow disengaged. However, when you thank employees for a job well done or for their consistent performance, then you'll not only help them feel validated, but valued, as well. 
  • Too many interruptions. If you want your employees hard at work, then it's essential to minimize distractions. When the office is an open one, that's noisy with phones ringing and texts coming in, it can be difficult for your staff to stay focused on the job. This can reduce work quality and lead to mistakes, as well as missed deadlines. 

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