How Are Job Seekers Commonly Finding Out About Job Openings?

How Are Job Seekers Commonly Finding Out About Job Openings?

Did you know that 25% of job seekers have changed industries since the start of the pandemic? Or that 69% of workers think that getting a job will be “much harder” or “somewhat harder,” post-pandemic? 

These findings are all reported in Jobvite’s recent ”2021 Job Seeker Nation Report.” While the job market has changed dramatically since the onset of the pandemic, so too has the way job seekers find out about openings…sometimes in surprising ways. 


Consider the following statistics:

In 2020, 72% of job seekers looked for a position using an online job board. In 2021, that number dropped to 60%. In addition, in 2020, 45% found a job through friends, while that number changed to 35% in 2021. 


While these are a few of the differences, it seems that the use of social media to find a job (such as LinkedIn and Facebook) has remained steady. The survey reported that 42% of job seekers used social media in their search in 2020, while that number increased slightly to 44% in 2021. 


In addition, in 2020, 31% of candidates found a job through professional connections, while just 24% did the same in 2021. 


While there’s still plenty of uncertainty about the job market and the economy, you still need to be able to hire hard-working people, no matter what. How can you make the process easier, taking into account the way today’s job seekers are finding openings? 


The answer’s simpler than you think: with help from a staffing agency. When you partner with one, you’ll be able to:

Tap a robust pipeline of talent.


Whether you need people for administrative positions, technical jobs, or industrial roles, a staffing agency will be able to give you fast access to the people you need. This is because they maintain strong relationships with a wide range of both active and passive candidates. When you have to hire, they can make it happen faster.


Find better-fit candidates.


A staffing agency is focused on making the best matches between your company and candidates on the market. A reputable one will have a rigorous process in place for screening, interviewing, and skill testing. They will also learn about your company culture so they can assess each candidate’s soft skills and personality to ensure they are a fit for you. This unique combination and deep expertise help you access ideal candidates.


You can avoid costly hiring mistakes,


A staffing agency can help you avoid the mistake of hiring the wrong person. They will send you candidates who have been thoroughly vetted not only through interviews, but also with reference and background checks. They can even assist with onboarding and training, so the new hire gets up and running as quickly as possible.


Ready for help from a staffing agency?

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