Holiday Hiring Best Practices

Holiday Hiring Best Practices

This year’s holiday hiring season is unlike any other. Companies are under pressure, candidates are stressed, and no one knows what’s around the corner. If you need to hire, how can you do so effectively in such an uncertain climate? Here are some tips to help you find the people you need, quickly and affordably. 
Entice the best candidates. 
If you want to hire great people, you need to have a reputation as a great place to work. If you don’t, it’s going to impact the quality of the workers you’re able to recruit and ultimately hire.  
For this year’s holiday season, some ways to do that is to offer incentives, such as gift cards, cash bonuses, or other perks, like product or service discounts. Your seasonal jobs will stand out and become more competitive on the market, so you can find the people you need faster.  
Streamline the application process. 
If your online application system is complicated and cumbersome, you’re not going to attract qualified people. They’re going to give up halfway through or avoid applying altogether if they have to invest too much time and effort into simply applying for a job. If your Applicant Tracking System is showing candidates dropping out in the midst of filling out applications, it’s time to invest in making the process easier. 
Make your job postings mobile-friendly.  
In today’s world, most job seekers search for opportunities on mobile devices, whether it’s their phone or tablet. They expect to not only view jobs seamlessly but apply to them quickly and easily. Therefore, you must be considering this in your strategy, including through mobile apps and social media recruiting.  
Focus on retention. 
One of the biggest challenges during holiday hiring is not just finding people but retaining them. Many times, seasonal employees will need time off to manage family or personal demands. This can become a contentious issue if they don’t have any flexibility. Avoid this by being amenable to employees’ different scheduling needs. This will help you retain more people who are engaged and productive. 
It’s also a good idea to hire a few back-up people to ensure you are optimally staffed at all times. When you do, you’ll keep customers happy, alleviate stress for your core staff, and help your company make the most of the busy holiday season.  
Do you need help hiring for the holiday season ahead? 
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