Help! How Do I Motivate My Workforce? (Without Using Fear)

Help! How Do I Motivate My Workforce? (Without Using Fear)

Summer is HERE and it’s a season where workers are sometimes less than motivated. Instead, they’re focused on parties, picnics and play time outside. You want them to have fun and relax during warmer-weather months. At the same time, you have productivity numbers to hit. How do you keep your people motivated to get their jobs done – without using fear? Here are some tips from Gill Staffing, one of West Michigan's top staffing agencies, to help you:


Set clear, attainable goals.

If you want your workers to meet your expectations, then make sure you’re clear on what they are. To do so, connect individually with your staff members and outline goals and timelines. Also, conduct group meeting so your employees understand your collective vision for your team, as well as how they fit into it.

Empower your people.

Your employees don’t want to feel like another cog in the wheel. They want to know you trust them and that their contributions matter. To do that, delegate more to them. If needed, provide additional training and support. When you invest in your people – and empower them – it will improve both motivation and loyalty in the long run.

Provide positive reinforcement.

When you’re giving constructive feedback, don’t only focus on the negatives. Instead, talk about the positives too, including your employee’s strengths and areas where they shine. When you touch on those spots where they’re falling short, don’t attack. Instead, work together to find a solution. They’ll feel more supported and more motivated to integrate your feedback into their daily habits.

Listen carefully.

Even though you’re the leader, that doesn’t mean you should be doing all the talking. Instead, make sure there’s an open dialogue between you and your team members. They should be comfortable coming to you with issues, concerns, ideas and input. This will not only enable you to get to know each employee better, as well as what motivates them individually, but foster more trust and respect, as a result.

Show your appreciation.

Yes, your employees are paid to do their jobs. But they need more than money to stay motivated. That’s where praise comes in. Whether someone is a consistently hard worker, or goes above and beyond for you on a project, show them you noticed and thank them for their efforts. This will not only motivate them to maintain their performance, but will improve engagement and on-the-job satisfaction.


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