Getting Creative With Job Offers to Attract Talent

Getting Creative With Job Offers to Attract Talent

Today’s market conditions mean there is a lot of competition for candidates. If you’re struggling with recruiting, what are some ways to improve your odds of hiring solid professionals?  
First and foremost, make sure you’re offering the best wages and benefits you can. This is what will hold the most weight for candidates. If you’re not sure, do some research on what’s competitive for your industry and location. Also, ask yourself what kind of candidates you want to attract and how you can improve your package to meet their needs better.  
Then, get creative. Beyond compensation, here are some ways to entice candidates to work for you: 
Tuition reimbursement. 
College is expensive, and many candidates have student loans they’re working on paying back. When you offer to help them pay these off, you’ll assist new hires as they tackle this burdensome debt, so they can focus on building their careers.  
Better family leave. 
Federal law requires at least 12 weeks of unpaid leave for employers with more than 50 workers. However, when it comes to a new baby or a sick family member, that’s not a lot of time. Consider offering more generous benefits, so workers with families are attracted to your company.  
In addition, make sure you include adoptive parents in your company’s family leave policies. They’ll also need time away to adjust to their new life circumstances. 
Flexible hours. 

During the pandemic, many workers were forced to work remotely, while homeschooling children or taking care of elderly parents. And yet, they still completed their work. It’s why flex hours are becoming a norm, and many top candidates will expect it.  
Void the benefits waiting period. 

In a new job, employees will often have to wait 30 or 60 days for health insurance and other benefits to kick in. This can be a problem for those who are unemployed or un- or under-insured. Instead, remove this barrier, so prospective employees don’t factor this into their decision.  
On-site health services. 

Offering services like these are difficult for a small employer. However, if you’re a bigger company, you can often provide these through free flu shot clinics, nutritional counseling, health screenings, and other services. These will save your employees time and money and keep them healthier and more productive.  
Hiring has always been hard work but is particularly challenging in these pandemic times. Implement some of the creative benefits above to enhance your compensation, and you’ll be able to recruit talent faster. 
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