Employee Burnout: 5 Dangers of Fatigue

Employee Burnout: 5 Dangers of Fatigue

As an employer, your workers’ health and well-being should be of prime importance. But, even with the best of intentions, sometimes tight deadlines, hot projects and mounting pressure can get in the way of keeping it a top priority.

When this happens for an extended period of time, it can often lead to burnout. This is troublesome for many reasons, including a lack of productivity and an impact on bottom line results. More than that, though, it can actually lead to dangerous conditions due to a high level of fatigue.

What can you do about it? As temporary staffing experts in Grand Rapids, Gill Staffing has the answers you need. First, you need to know the warning signs, including:

More injuries

Workers who are burned out are more tired, move slower and have less awareness about what’s going on around them. As a result, there’s a higher risk for accidents, especially when it comes to using heavy machinery. Slower response time can also cause issues when driving.

Lack of decision-making ability

Those who are burned out tend to make decisions on a spontaneous basis, rather than thinking them through. They will also make choices irrationally or won’t make decisions at all, getting too overwhelmed with the possibilities.

Inability to cope with stress

People who are well-balanced and feeling good can handle stress that comes their way. Those who are overtired and overworked, on the other hand, are depleted, drained and unable to cope. As a result, they won’t have the energy or motivation to get work done.

Higher absenteeism

When workers are tired and burned out, they’re not going to feel good, emotionally or mentally. Not only that, but they can actually experience physical ailments as a result of fatigue, which can lead to health issues. This all translates into higher absenteeism and higher medical costs, too.

Reduced performance

Burnout can impact tasks, large and small, at work. When workers are feeling crunched and pressured, their ability to concentrate is diminished and they often lack the drive needed to get jobs done. As a result, productivity takes and hit and mistakes are more common.


When an employee is under chronic stress, they’re going to eventually shut down. As a result, they’ll grow disengaged and stop caring about the quality of their work. They could cut corners or skip steps, which could have dangerous implications down the line.


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