Can You Submit the Same Resume to Multiple Jobs?

Can You Submit the Same Resume to Multiple Jobs?

Your resume is your ticket into the hiring process. When it comes to creating a powerful, professional one, it can take a lot of time and effort. Once you’re done, can you send it into different employers? Or do you need to create a new resume every time you apply for a job? 
When it comes to your resume, you can use the same, standard one each time you apply for a job. However, tweak it slightly, so it’s customized for each specific position. For instance, this might mean changing the order of the bullet points under a certain job title. It might also include adding in additional details about skills relevant for one particular opportunity, but not another. 
So while you’ll have one resume, you might have many different versions of it for each job where you apply. Here are some additional tips for customizing it and making it as strong as possible: 
Re-read the job posting. 
Before starting to work on your resume, take another look at the job posting. This should be your guide for tweaking your resume so it’s customized around each position. Look for keywords, skills, traits, and qualifications that are important to include that will set you apart.  
Tweak your summary of qualifications. 
If you’re highlighting a summary of qualifications at the top of your resume, rework it for each position, so it’s as pertinent as possible. For instance, one employer might be looking for a specialized skill you have. Make this front and center for that employer, so it gets noticed.  
Tailor your skills. 
Make sure you’re including specific keywords from the job description into your job qualifications. This is important not only to tailor your resume but also, so it passes through the Applicant Tracking System that many companies use. 
Omit anything irrelevant. 
For example, if including volunteer experience is important for one position, but not another, remove it and include something that will stand out for that particular job. You don’t have to include the same exact information for every position.  
It can take a lot of submissions to get your foot in the door with an interview. However, the more you customize your resume around a specific position, the better your chances of standing out to a hiring manager. 
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