5 Tips to Keep Your Workforce Safe in a Manufacturing Environment

5 Tips to Keep Your Workforce Safe in a Manufacturing Environment

When orders are coming in and projects are hot, it can be easy to lose sight of safety. However, doing so can have long-term consequences if someone gets hurt on the job. That’s why safety should always be a prime focus in your manufacturing facility. To help ensure it is, here are several tips from Holland, MI staffing firm, Gill Staffing, to consider.

Have an Easy Process for Hazard Notifications

Your employees are on the front line each day and will become aware of new hazards or areas of concern before you do. It’s, therefore, important they have an easy way to notify leadership about these issues. This can ensure the hazard is addressed before an accident or injury occurs.

Make Sure Employees Are Wearing PPE

Personal protective equipment is vital when it comes to keeping your workplace safe. That’s why it’s important for your people to have access to the right kind of equipment for the work they’re performing. You must also ensure the PPE they’re using isn’t dated or worn out. Otherwise, they’ll be at a far higher risk for injury.

Keep the Workplace Clean and Organized

Some of the most common accidents in the workplace occur due to slips, trips and falls. It’s why you need to make certain your facility is regularly cleaned and well-organized, so, encourage your staff to clean up after their shift. Explain to them the importance of good housekeeping so they understand the impact they’re having. Also conduct routine walk-throughs and inspections to ensure walkways and common areas are clear and uncluttered.

Regularly Train Employees

Safety shouldn’t be a topic you talk about once a year. Instead, you should be integrating it into your company culture, with regular reminders and training sessions on safety. Company management should also be leading by example and emphasizing the importance of safety to the team. In addition, it should be an integral part of the new hire training and onboarding process.

Encourage Break Time

Accidents and injuries can often happen when employees are tired and worn out. They’re not paying as close attention to the work at hand, as a result. That’s why it’s important to encourage your employees to take their breaks and lunches, so they have time to relax and can stay more alert on the job.


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