5 Phrases to Use With Your Boss When Feeling Unengaged at Work

5 Phrases to Use With Your Boss When Feeling Unengaged at Work

In a perfect world, you’d love your job every single day. In reality, you’re growing disengaged and unhappy at work with each passing week. Should you jump ship or approach your boss first? Whatever you decide, if it’s the latter, here are a few key phrases to use when talking to your boss:

I need a different challenge.

If you’re feeling bored at work and have been performing the same duties day in and out, then this is the phrase that tells your boss you’re ready for a change. You need to tackle a new project or switch up responsibilities, potentially even getting promoted into a new position. 


This role doesn’t feel like the right fit for me.

Did you start at a company a few months ago? Still, don’t feel comfortable? Is it becoming apparent that you’re not right for the position after all? If you want to be happy at work, then you need to be in a position that aligns with your abilities, as well as your values and personality. If you’re not, you’ll never be satisfied, no matter how hard you work. 


I’m burnt out. What can we do to help me?

If you’re a reliable performer, your boss might continuously be adding to your workload. The good news is that they trust and value you. The bad news is that you’re probably exhausted. Now’s the time to speak up and let them know, so they can take action, whether it’s through delegating to different people or hiring new staff members. 


I don’t feel like I’m using my skills and abilities on the job.

Do you feel like you could do your job in your sleep? Do you have skills and talents that could be useful to your company, but you aren’t currently employing? Then let your boss know you want to put your background to use so that you can contribute more to the team. 


Can we talk?

If one of the phrases above isn’t right for your particular situation, this one is an excellent icebreaker for pretty much every single other one. It will indicate to your boss that you have something serious to discuss so that they give you their full attention.


Whatever you say and however you say it, just be prepared for the conversation. This isn’t a talk you want to walk into and wing it. Instead, make sure you have specific examples and an idea for a solution. This way, you’re not putting a new problem on your boss’ plate. Instead, you’re telling them about a problem and presenting them with an answer. 

Ready for a different phrase, like “I want to make a move to a different job?”

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