4 Tips for Finding Goal-Driven Candidates

4 Tips for Finding Goal-Driven Candidates

When you’re looking for your next great hire, you want someone who is motivated to succeed. Unfortunately, the drive can be easy to fake in an interview. Once on the job, though, you might realize your new employee is less ambitious than you thought. 

How can you avoid this from happening and hire people who are goal-oriented? It’s simple when you focus on a few key areas during the interview process. Here’s a look at them:

Tip #1: Ask questions about past achievements.

During the interview, get specific. Ask them to discuss a time when they set a goal, took steps toward completing it, and accomplished it. A candidate who is driven will have a proven track record of success they can point to and talk about confidently.

In addition, this will give you some insight not only into how goal-oriented they are, but which goals are most important to them. For instance, are they driven by money, the desire to help others, wanting to please their boss, or another motivator? This information can further help you determine whether they’re the right fit for your needs. 

Tip #2: Ask questions about setbacks.

Not only do you want those who are motivated workers, but resilient people who can brush themselves off and persevere after a setback. Everyone will make mistakes and experience a failure during their careers. The difference is in how people respond. You want employees who can process a setback, then take steps to correct course, all without missing a beat. 

Tip #3: Ask about their current goals.

Asking about current goals will give you information not only about what they’re looking to achieve, but whether your position aligns with their goals. If they have career goals, you know they can’t possibly attain your company; you need to be honest with them. However, if their goals make sense for your organization and the position, then they’re a candidate to watch.

Tip #4: Ask about their strategy for setting goals. 

Asking about their strategy for setting goals will help you dig a little deeper into their mindset. It will also help you filter out those candidates who “say” they have strong goals and those who actually do. Frequently, driven and goal-oriented individuals will have a specific strategy they follow to set goals, outline steps toward achieving them, and monitor progress. Their response will give you a clear sense of just how committed they are to attain their goals. 


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