3 New-Manager Mistakes to Learn from & Avoid

3 New-Manager Mistakes to Learn from & Avoid

There’s a big learning curve when you make the move from employee to manager. Mistakes are part of the process as you’re acquiring a whole different skill set.  
However, too many can cause your team to sink rather than thrive. In fact, most employees quit because of a dysfunctional relationship with a manager.  
To prevent this from happening to you, here’s a look at three common mistakes to avoid and how to improve your performance: 
You don’t listen. 
 As the new boss, you have many ideas about ways to steer the ship. However, your employees have a lot of experience and insight, too. They understand existing challenges and the ones coming up.  
It’s why it’s more important to listen in your first few days and weeks on the job. Talk to your employees individually to find out what’s important to them, their concerns, and ways you can help. Once you gain more feedback, you can make decisions about ways to move forward.  
You don’t ask for help. 

As a new manager, you’re going to need help; from your peers, subordinates, and supervisor. So ask for it. You don’t have to pretend you have all the answers to appear competent. No one is going to think badly when you say you “don’t know” or need clarification. It’s better to get answers and be informed than to move ahead and botch the job.  
You micromanage.  

Your employees want to be clear about your goals and expectations for them. They also want the freedom to meet them in their own ways.  
If, however, you micromanage and are constantly hovering, it’s a problem. This will not only cause frustration and mistrust, but it also leads to disengagement. Your people will check out mentally because they know you’re going to try and control everything. They’ll also start looking for other opportunities where they’re valued.  
To avoid this, provide clear guidelines for each task or project, schedule checkpoints, then step back and let your employees do the work.   
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